Saturday, February 23, 2013

Menu Plan

I'm looking to try some new recipes this week while remaining close to gluten free for my part. In order to keep mutiny at bay I am going to try some new recipes that I think most of the family will like though.
Sunday: Mexican corn bread, beans, raw veggies
Tuesday: Loaded potato soup with leeks
Wednesday: Sour Cream Rice Bake, Salad
Thursday: Stuffed Peppers
Friday: Pizza Pockets, peas
Saturday: Enchiladas, mexican salad

 Lots of yummy comfort food this week...its supposed to snow and the kids are on its my last week of school! Time to celebrate!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New pillowcases and SNOW!

Our last couple weeks have been full of sickness and snow... and change. We'll share more about the last one later. But last week we enjoyed a thicker than usual snow fall. It was beautiful but ill-timed since we were in the midst of sickness after sickness...first O, then M, then moi (although mine was less severe than the others') and now Daniel. A fun thing was receiving the kids' new pillowcases in the mail this week! Grandma Kathy made them with love for the kiddos...they love them! Little guy copying daddy, taking notes. The littles happily holding their pillows.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flashback pics

Since we've been sick and I don't seem to have any new pictures, here are a few "flashing back" to less than two years ago, when Marianna was Liv's age now and Liv was Louis' age (approx.). Weren't they cuties?

I was hugely pregnant with Louis at this time and we were living with my parents!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Under the blanket and out of doors

Everyone snuggled up (for about 2 seconds until Louis escaped) to watch a french movie

Trip to the park with Daddy. It was COLD, but they all had a good time.
Until this little turkey pooped and they had to go home.  But fun while it lasted.
Checking out the beekeeping exhibit. Which we can finally read and understand.
Yep, he's still cuter than anything. 
And this one too.  Usually the cuteness disguises copious amounts of mischief.
And then some more mischief.  But who's counting?
Je me cache, je me cache, il fait froid...

Pretty views from the park

The three little pigs, um, turkeys, wait, precious children:) 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bonhomme de neige (snowman)

Marianna is learning a poem each season for her class.  I think it's awesome!  This one is about a snowman who melts.