Friday, February 28, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Crosby in Senegal (Part 2!)

 The kids went on a cool merry go round thing in the big fancy expat mall courtesy of G &G was my first time there and I felt like I was stepping back into the USA. Lou did NOT wabnt
 Liv on the elephant
 Marianna on the Saint of St. Louis airplane
 Later we went to a restaurant with a playground...a rare and awesome treat. 
 Louis on a bouncy toy
 Liv was super excited to have her first hot dog since france.
 Louis too...although he didn't know what a hot dog was.
 A little wheel turned this little merry go round thing. 
 Three bucks for huge ice cream cones with two big scoops...yes please (happy campers!)
 A nice family pic

 They look so Senegalese!!

Grandma and Grandpa Crosby in Senegal! (Part 1)

Outside Zippyland

At the fabric market, at the prettiest stall with grandma (Marche HLM)
Le bateau!  Louis LOVED riding in a boat.  Grandma and Grandpa took the kids on a little ride in a little lake we just discovered at our local park.   Thankfully it wasn't deep...the boat was barely seaworthy:)  I keep asking grandma and grandpa if they were sure they could rescue themselves and the grandbabies!
The happy sailors and the strong Senegalese man who acted as guide and manpower.
  Outside the tailor shop.  It is very very "rustic":).  Most of the "building"  is made from scavenged materials and they definitely are squatters (it is in the middle of an empty lot with some other squatters).  Generally he's done a good job minus one of the dresses for Karen.  He seemed to be working off someone else's measurements there!
More to come!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Trip to St. Louis, Senegal

Daniel was able to visit St. Louis, Senegal last weekend to see the dedication of a new maintenance internship program for young underprivileged boys. It won't start for awhile yet and we are praying about the possibility of working with them, but have no clear guidance in that direction yet. Overall we were excited about the involvement of the local Senegalese leaders and church elders and liked the town of St. Louis.
Pretty Tile work
Daniel helped set up for the ceremony
View of the neighborhood.
The ceremony
AFterward there were SNACKS! (and lots of cool outfits)
Local leaders giving interviews.
Boys playing outside
The shop
Welding shop
The front of the building
View of the cool tile in the hall from above
Daniel met lots of inspirational people while there.

The sports turf above (with some of our Dakar friends' boys)
At the local church
Daniel's host family's home (and two of their four kiddos and missions pastor)
The plaque (the center for professional training of underprivileged children)