Friday, July 25, 2014

Back at JAARS

Here's the car completely FULL of boxes and tubs (17 to be exact!) that we had packed intending to ship them to Cameroon. Great idea...except we went to Senegal, not Cameroon! :)
Daniel had a big helper for unloading.  This suburban is our sweet ride (a rental that Wycliffe helped pay for) for our road trip.
The disaster that ensued after starting to unpack the 17 tubs.  The kids thought it was fun at least:)
The JAARS pool has been our favorite destination as always!

Catching up with our friend Sarah, whom we've now spent time with in Orlando FL, Senegal W. Africa and at JAARS!  She made us a yummy lasagne!  Thanks Sarah!
Marianna spent 3 days at "Safari" for elementary aged MKs.  She had fun!
Catching up with friends from France (our french studies overlapped with theirs and we lived in nearby apartments) the Hays.  Fun to see them and their new addition to the family!
Our friends the Sanders had us over for great food and conversation.  They have been a huge blessing to us as we've made our journey overseas and back. 
Louis and Liv at the MK station.
Marianna and Louis went up in Henry's airplane today!
Henry with the kiddos.  They are ready with their lovies/doo doos to snuggle during the flight.
Too much snuggling of their "doo doos" resulted in this during the flight:
Don't mind the drool...yes they had fun!

We love staying at JAARS and will be sad to leave, but our next adventure in Florida is a debrief conference at the Wycliffe headquarters which we are looking forward to. 

VBS fun in Indianapolis at Grace!

We were blessed with good timing while we were in Indianapolis in that one of our supporting churches was running VBS! The theme was Jonah and this was our kids' first experience with VBS. Not only did the kids get to participate but I got to lead a little group of cuties. I had Louis, Olivia and three other kids ranging from 6-9 years old. I (we) loved it! Walking through the belly of the whale!
Whale Crafts!
A quick pic of our cute little group:)
We had fun and thanks to Grace Evangelical Church for letting us join in the fun!