Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not a good babysitter

No we didn't really let our 4 year old babysit, but it was funny to see her sleep right through Louis poking her face, rolling on her and giving her wet kisses.

They are a cute pair--can definitely tell they got some Crosby genes.

We love to eat (in France)

Mmmmm...we love us some (storebrand) Nutella!

So much nutella love that we can't limit it to going INTO our mouths, but must covered our lips and faces (and sometimes hands and arms) with it. Nom nom nom.

But before the nutella came the snacks and meal. Snacks: popcorn and frozen peas. Getting creative with the veggies. Some times its worth the fight to get them to eat every last bit of veg on their dinner plates, sometimes I use my "mom skilz" and make them fun and no fighting. Frozen peas seem to work lately as a fun veg. Also, bringing a big bag of cut up carrots and cucumbers out to the playground with us as the ONLY snack ensures they will be devoured.

The boy and a rare teething biscuit treat. Gracefully smeared on everything within reach.

Our Saturday Market treats: apples, cabbage, leeks(I think), organic sour bread and some local honey. Most of it is gone already, except the honey. We'll try to limit that tasty treat a little better:)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day at the Saturday Market

Feeling adventurous, we went to the Saturday market all by ourselves this morning. We *thought* we knew how to get there, but remembered that it moved to a new location this week! We got a little lost. But we discovered a pretty older district of the town in the process that we'd like to visit again. I also used some of my skills and bought leeks, some sort of cabbage, a few apples, organic bread (that was by accident...found out that was why it was so expensive after we got it home!), and local honey. Its a good way to get food and work on language skills at the same time:). We don't think we'll be eating out or traveling much while in France, but trying a new food occasionally is a nice treat.

These pictures were taken before the big heading home meltdowns occurred. And while mommy & Louis were trying our sweet french skilz out on unsuspecting vendors (as in "deux" and "merci"...awesome, I know).

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun in our new French apartment

We are enjoying our new apartment in France. There are definitely some things that are different and challenging, but we are enjoying being here. Here we are trying our our oven for the first time for some baking (morning glory muffins). It was definitely tricky to get the right temp for the oven (you have to light it and it has holes in the back...very different from what I am used to!)

Marianna is very excited about here new 'bunk bed". Sister sleeps underneath on a little mattress.

The girls are enjoying the little kitchen that the White family left for us to use.

Daniel and the kids enjoying a wrestle match.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"French" taco salad

This is probably sacreligious(I mean we should be eating cheese, bread and wine every night in France, right?!? ;)but we had taco salad tonight and it was really good:). We used Emmataul(sp?) cheese, creme fraiche and fresh veggies from the market. I think I'll have to make my own salsa in the future, I saw some cilantro at the market as well as peppers. They have a small selection of dried beans in the grocery store here so I was able to do that how I normally do with white and red beans. The peppers, avocado, and cucumbers were from the Saturday market as well and were delicious.

My happy taco salad eaters...both cleaned their plates. Success!

I would love any ideas for good, not-too-difficult meals that are more "traditional" to eat in France if you have them!

Monday, November 21, 2011

First Weekend in France

We keep forgetting to bring our camera out because there is so much to take in! We are getting settled a bit...almost unpacked and all that. We still have LOTS to figure out about life here as well as how soon we'll start classes.
Below are the beautiful veggies we bought at the street market. Yum! We had cauliflower with cheese sauce for dinner last night. The kids didn't love it, but they ate it.

The girls doing some table time as part of the their morning routine, we also have been sneaking in some "school" here and there (before we moved here....hopefully we'll get back into that soon). More pictures soon!

Je m'appelle NOTHIN' says Liv

Friday, November 18, 2011

Louis squeals and gigles

Not a flattering angle for mommy, but Louis was so cute that I had to share anyway.

We're in France now by the way, if you haven't heard!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A day in the life of Louis

Snuggles (and kisses)with big sis while trying to wake her from her afternoon power nap.

Still not awake!

Early morning reading with the daddy.

A little cooking with mama.

Busy day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One fine fall day (less than one week til France!)

Our neighbors at JAARS (a sweet elderly couple) offered to rake a pile of leaves for the girls to jump in today. The girls had a blast!

Marianna was not reluctant to try some sweet stunts;)

They also made jello using organic apple juice topped with plain yogurt. Livvie was pretty excited.

We finally opened our package of bathtime ABC's and the kids LOVE them. They stick on the wall when wet. Apparently they also stick to little brother's head when wet;)

Louis was a good sport.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mt. Cameroon and Ewwwwwwwww...

The girls got a box of Halloween goodies from uncle Bob and Auntie Beverly. It was full of lots of sugar and lots of nasty stuff like gummy snakes and eyeballs in slime. Here the girls are enjoying the "goodies" or shall I say "grossies?". We love our Uncle Bob and Auntie Beverly!

We are packing up for Cameroon as well as France (a wee bit stressful to do all at once!) and here is our ginormous pile of stuff we've acquired or boughten so far. We'll be registering at Target next year so our friends and family can join us in helping to set up our first household in Cameroon.

What's in these tubs? Stuff we either can't get in Cameroon or stuff that is cheaper to ship than to buy there. Bug spray, clothes for Marianna (size 8-10 girls...yikes!), size 3T and up for Louis, skirts for me, kitchen stuff (we bought knives, pots and pans and got some other things but will register for the rest), some of the kids toys that we hate to part with, medicines, a few convenience food items like Taco seasoning, etc.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dancing Princesses

Daddy Acrobatics

Yee haw I finally took the plunge and figured out how to upload a video on Youtube and thankfully it was easy peasy. Here is a video of tonight's antics:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life at Lightening speed toward France

We are less than two weeks away from getting on an airplane and leaving life as we know it behind. We'll be heading to France to learn French before moving to Cameroon. Exciting and overwhelming and stressful all at the same time. Our little tiny apartment is overwhelmed with boxes, carseats/cargear(we sold our suburban yesterday), suitcases and much more. Even when it is clean here it looks terrible and feels like the boxes are closing in on me (not to mention the three little people bouncing on everything!

So we could use prayers for wisdom with how to order our days. There is so much to do and nothing left to cut (short of sleep and sending the children to the neighbors for a week:). I want to just be excited for next steps but there isn't time:) But it is exciting nonetheless!