Sunday, December 6, 2009

The girls play in our LIVING ROOM!

Which means we have a functional living room! At night its a bedroom for the girlies of course, but during the day we pack the pack n play up and fold M's little fold out mat and the room is a living room! Before there was too much in the way of boxes and foolishness to use it as a real living room.

The only box you DO see in the living room is heading out-to a friend in need (foodstuffs). Its SO nice to have a place to read books as a family and let the girls play without tripping over stuff!

And do you know what is beyond fabulous? That God provided clearanced out curtains that match our free (from my Grandma Pat-hi grandma!) chairs. It actually looks somewhat put-together in there. Well minus the huge lazy susan cabinet in the corner of the room-anyone want to buy a lazy susan!?! ;)

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The Keevy Family said...

How wonderful! The flooring looks so nice! I have red furniture too and I love it. It just looks nice with everything. Way to go on the curtains! :)