Monday, August 22, 2011

Zonked out in the car

The following pictures were NOT the norm on our road trip. Most of the time one would be falling asleep when the other was waking up (or they were just staying awake all day long). Louis took cat-naps when I held his paci in. I can't really complain, they all did a better-than-expected job on the trip (we were on the road for almost an entire week)!

I have to say that a big suburban is the WAY to travel comfortably with a baby and toddlers. I was able to man the "command center" and hand out snacks, toys, all while putting a paci in Louis' mouth or nursing (yes I was able to nurse while he stayed in the carseat hooked up! A lifesaver! Not super comfortable for the mommy though.

Olivia was never without her "blankin" and thumb during nap time. We used the Michael Card CD sleep sound in Jesus for naps (and bedtime) when we pulled the all night drive.

The cutest traveler was the every talking Louis. He was a trooper for all that time in the car (he hates the car for short trips!).


Jamie White said...

You ROCK! Seriously.

Rachael said...

So do you! Miss you guys!