Monday, July 30, 2012

Soaking, making broth, fermenting..and a menu plan

This new "regime" of ours has taken up pretty much all my "spare" time.  I am constantly making or straining broth (or trying to get the kids to drink it!), finding appropriate recipes, cooking up recipes that take more time than normal or trying to desperately find yet another snack to feed my voracious almost 5 year old daughter (who apparently has a whole in her leg...I think she is out-eating her father now!).  This morning I counted 4 times that she asked to eat between breakfast and lunch...that was after a breakfast of a cup and a half kefir/green smoothie, 1 1/2 zucchini/coconut "muffins" (GAPS friendly), and a fried egg.  After that I wasn't able to find enough GAPS friendly food for all the time she was hungry, so on her snack plate went some olives and cucumbers along with bananas for one of the snacks.  Oye.  I've been making alternative pancakes or muffins each day for a couple days and we eat all of them in less than a day (alternative means a little coconut flake/flour, zucchini/bananas, lots of eggs, cinnamon, etc....usually no sweetener and definitely no grains).  I decided the raw milk was coming back in as well as almonds and raisins, just to save my sanity.  Grains and sugar are still gone and lots of broth will continue.  I have my first jar of "fermented" veggies on the counter right now...excited to try it! is our meal plan for this week, GAPS "full diet" style (we have leftovers for lunch):

B:  eggs, smoothies, gaps coconut zucchini muffins
D:  Creamy mexican chicken soup (creamy comes from the pureed cauliflower!) topped with tomatoes, avocados

B:  oatmeal (one thing I've decided to add back in, for better or for worse to save sanity!)
D:  Beef and green bean stir fry, chicken broth, applesauce for dessert

B:  scrambled eggs, leftover applesauce
D:  Sprouted lentil burgers, homemade ketchup, broccoli

B: Soaked sourdough riceflour pancakes, leftover scrambled eggs
D:  Hamburger vegetable stew, rice flour crackers

B: Oatmeal
D:  Mexican Egg Fried topped with beans, avocado, salsa, etc. (forget what this is called)

Saturday I will go to the farmers' market so I won't go that far right now.  I might get all wild and crazy and buy some new veggies to try!  :) 


Cathy said...

Wow, that does sound like a lot of work! If it works for you though it will be worth it!

Unknown said...

This looks fabulous! I actually write GAPS and SCD-friendly menus for another blogger. Right now we're working on E-Book menus for an entire year of the GAPS diet. You should check it out!

Unknown said...

This looks great! I actually write GAPS and SCD menus for another blogger. We're working on E-books for an entire year of the GAPS/SCD diet. You should check it out!