Saturday, September 22, 2012

Menu Plan (early)

I am going to start my menu plan early this week in hopes that I will get it done before a busy week.  Plus I am working on a little variety after a summer of the same thing pretty much every week (which isn't so bad, just getting a little old!). 

I'll leave a couple of Daniel's favorites on the menu so if he hates the new stuff all won't be lost:) 

Sunday:  Chili and cornbread with new friends (and new arrivals to France).  Crockpot meal!

Monday:  Teryaki Meatballs over rice with mixed veggie stir-fry

Tuesday:  Carribean Spice Squash soup with bread zucchini bread

Wednesday:  Taco Salad

Thursday:  Broccoli Chicken and brown rice casserole (need to buy rice and broccoli!)

Friday:  Homemade Sourdough pizza, fresh veggies

Saturday:  Quiche (this is Marianna's birthday party day so it will be good to have something quick to throw in a crust.  Just eggs, creme fraiche, bacon, broccoli and spices with a little cheese and its done!)  Served with a salad most likely

Oh and so I don't forget, I will be making either corn dog muffins or homemade pigs in a blanket for one of Marianna's bday meals in Oct.!  Every time we eat something she even remotely likes she asks for it to be one of her bday meals lately, so I am going to have to use my judgement on this one.  I know she'd love that it isn't something we have super often since the hotdogs we can get aren't super healthy.  A good special bday meal!  She already picked out some boxed cereal for her bday breakfast which is special since we don't buy boxed cereal here EVER.  She picked meusli, funny girl.  Well I guess that was partly because I banned anything funny colored or chocolate so that narrowed it down some:)

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