Thursday, December 27, 2012

Traditional Dinner with our french friend

Our conversation partner and friend Georgette proposed that we share a traditional french dinner with her after Christmas. Sounded like fun and it was. We made too much rich food (we just went shopping for some of the food, she picked out all the dishes!) but a salad dinner tonight evened it all out...right?! Our menu was: raw oysters with lemon (I have to give those a thumbs down, but that's just me:), rye bread with butter, confiture of onions with foie gras, then Boudins (sausage looking things with a mild flavor, then roasted pintade (a little chickeny looking bird but tastes a little more like turkey, but better) with chestnuts, then traditional french candies and buche noel for dessert. Whoooooooo buddy we were stuffed. It was a workout to eat that much french food and that much protein all at once. Here are some pics of our time:
Doing the cooking thing one handed...Louis was having a needy day.
Our pintade

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