Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peek into our week

We had an emotional roller coaster of a week. We have a lot of big decisions to make and are sometimes feeling excited and expectant, other times bewildered and without real direction. Thankful that He who holds the future in His hands is faithful! One of the particularly disheartening days I realized that we talk about doing a treat with the kids often but almost never do because they often don't eat what they're supposed to at dinner or someone gets in trouble and we end up not being able to go. So this particular day all the kids finished their food and we felt like we needed to do something "fun". All we did was walk down to the corner grocery and bought a box of cheap icecream bars on sticks (and I brought my big helper Olivia with me) and we all ate them together. The kids pretty much thought they were in Disneyland. Sometimes its the simple things:)
Nom nom nom...such a treat!

We had a brunch with friends on Saturday...brunch and worship time in english! First time we've sang worship songs in English in a year and a quarter! Fun times with great friends:)

Marianna "dressed" each of our plates when we had homemade pizza pockets this week. She made a fruit and veggie face for each person...very cute and creative!

These two goofballs have too much fun together. Louis' recent thing is crawling up the ladder to try to go to bed with Liv. He tries to act like he belongs there. I can't imagine the mischief if I actually let them try to nap together!


Jon said...

Beautiful pictures, God sure has blessed you with cool kids.

D said...

I know how you feel about being unable to have a reward because technically, no one deserves one, including me :-) But I was told once that if I wait for the perfect moment, my kids will grow up thinking they are never good enough... and you can expound from there. So I try to focus on "having fun together" instead of rewards. It's better for me to focus on the positive instead of getting stuck on the negative like I tend to do :P