Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Program, Playtime and Party

Marianna was in the elementary Christmas program at her school "Dr. Newheart's Christmas Cure" or something like that. It was really cute and well done. The best part were her fellow kinders being silly when they were supposed to be singing:)

I think they were singing Go tell it on a mountain in some of these pics.

Daniel went to the workers' party at D.A....here are some of the staff that attended along with his co-worker Daniel and some other Senegalese friends. 
Louis found a use for the disposable diaper while he waited for mommy to put it on him...put toys in it!
The girls were being cute pretending with their "doo-doos" to play school
Louis again with a better shot of his diaper full of cars.
The smashing couple at the Dakar Academy Christmas party (at a nice restaurant) with AC!  And my new red hair color in case you haven't seen it:)

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