Thursday, January 30, 2014

100 days party

Marianna's class had a "100 days of school" party.  She had to count 100 things (we did beans) and bring them to school then they had a party.  A good excuse to do lots of counting and math I think!
 The 100 days snacktime (above) with her friend Andrew (the only other American in the class) and Darian, from India.  Below, her class and the first grade class together.  They must've joined forces for the party.  Fun!  Marianna loves her class, teacher, and school.  I am thankful.  The kindgergarten is comprised of 2 girls from Korea, on girl from Sweden, one boy from India, Africa, Austrailia, and one from somewhere I can't remember...along with the two Americans.  Very international!

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