Friday, March 28, 2014

Daniel's trip through S. Senegal

 On the way they had some adventures...a flat tire...
 They saw a termite hill...
 The radiator overheated...
 And finally...the New Tribes Guest house (whew!)
 Some of the things they saw included classrooms for literacy...
 Lots of small villages (and lots of grass roofed huts)

 The Gambian River
 Another classroom
 Daniel outside of the one of the "guesthouses" he stayed in
 Mosquito nets ...a normal and necessary part of our life here
Yes, these are the bathrooms. Don't be worryin' none about turning on a fan!
And after you use the might see some goats or sheep?

 Yep, you know what that is:)
 Daniel and Augustin, a new friend (and pastor)

 Daniel rode down with Jim and his daughter, and here they are reading a Bible story in these kids' heart language.
The crew coming back up to Dakar (including one of our Senegalese colleagues and family)

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