Sunday, June 28, 2015

Garden firstfruits and freezer cleanout challenge

Louis is holding our real first fruits from our garden (besides the random leaf of lettuce and sweet pea here and there).  We "think" the white thing is a spagetti squash and of course the green is zucchini.  Our zucchini isn't doing very well...this may well be our only zucchini!  The spagetti squash is a volunteer plant...we had a ton take over our garden.  This has been a learning year for year I'll have my own garden and I'll get to make even more mistakes!

Since we may very well be moving into our own place in 2 months or so (depending on how things go with the short sale offer) we are working on using up our freezer.  This was also motivated by seeing that I over half of Daniel's monthly paycheck at Costco last month...yikes!  Something obviously needs to change long term in my grocery spending, but for now I'm doing a no-spend challenge for the month of July!  That means using up the contents of the freezers and cupboards and buying nothing but the absolute minimum including Dairy, eggs, and produce.  Hopefully our garden will produce a little more so the produce bill won't be huge!  We'll be doing some U-picking too, which will go into the freezer so it will be nice to have the space! 

Anyone else clearing out the freezer this summer?  

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