Sunday, September 13, 2015

When life is unsettled...just dance

I was reading a missionary friend's blog today and she talked about the struggles of life in another culture, speaking another language, far from friends and loved ones.  Another talked of loss and grief and yet another, of transition. 

The Crosby family is now heading into month two of officially being "normal people" and 15 months of life on US soil.  Even so, we are not settled and in a way, I can't remember ever feeling "settled" in my adult life.  Changing dorms, changing roommates, jobs, ministries, majors and finally getting married only to realize that the life we had chosen was one of constant transition and change. 

Leaving missions behind hasn't changed that.  I crave being "settled" more now but know that until we make it to our final destination with Jesus, we won't feel totally "settled".  So today I prayed for our friends overseas and friends here (who I realize often feel just as unsettled as I did while in other countries and cultures).  In doing so I realized that part of embracing the life God has called us to is embracing the messy unsettled-ness of it all. 

I chose the above picture because it represented the sweet, crazy chaos of life right now.  We are about to find out if we are buying a house this week, or starting over again in the hunt.  Part-time work starts again for me, but there are fires raging nearby (literally).  All the while there are so many things going on...happy things like new babies, sad things like broken families and just plain hard things that make up everyday life.

Living a life of faith today amidst chaos means casting aside the uncertainty of tomorrow while trusting in the "lifter of heads" to give us the joy to dance again today. For today, I will.

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