Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip (loves me some bargains!)

Fred Meyer $21.64

Founders Day is awesome! I printed up and clipped a few coupons and went yesterday and was glad I did. Lots of stuff that was out of stock when my mom went earlier in the week was back in (Skippy PB, Tillamook, etc.). My favorite deal was the Mom's best cereal for $0.25/box after coupon (I used two computers and printed 5 total). Other great deals: free Neutrogena facial soap using instore hanging coupon, Kettle Tias for $1.17 each (bought 4) after coupon, Knudsen Just Cherry Juice for $1.54 after coupon, cheap Tillamook cheese and yogurt and Luna Bars. Also got whole wheat pastry flour for baking since we're out: full price :(.

Rite Aid: $3.70

Notice the try me free on the Smart Start!

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