Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pool fun and free trampoline

We've been enjoying our membership to the JAARS pool very much. It worked out to be about a dollar a day to have unlimited access to the pool for the whole family, so we got one. And we've been using it pretty much every single day so far. Right before dinner time is perfect because the kiddos get worn out and really hungry:) Less fighting at dinner time is good for me!

The girls have gotten a lot braver in the water, especially Marianna. She is going under the water on purpose all the time now. I wish I could get her some swim lessons!

We found a discarded trampoline by the "bread shop" and toted it home. It has provided hours of fun for the girls, not always jumping. They wash it, look under it, put stuff on it...and occasionally jump on it.

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Kirsty said...

They all look like they're having a blast!
So glad I found your blog! Hope everything's going well with language learning and pronunciation ;)