Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Menu Plan

Monday: Smoked Chicken, Scalloped potatoes, peas (yum...everyone loved this meal, even the girls and louis) The girls don't like chicken except for this kind

Tuesday: Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole, Broccoli

Wednesday: Sausage and Bean Ragout, fresh bread, cheese

Thursday: Spagetti (mine is over zucchini), green beans

Friday: Burgers, Homemade oven fries (we just slice somewhat thinly lengthwise, lightly coat with oil and sprinkle sea salt and seasoning salt over it. Bake at 400 or higher until the outsides are a little crisp and the insides are soft! Salad

Saturday: Leftovers: we have a birthday party at some French friends house to go to this evening and a ladies' event in the mid-day so I won't cook much today.

Sunday: Maybe a picnic in the park? Baguettes, cheese, fruit and raw veggies!

Made these bean blondies tonight and they were terrific. I modified the recipes as I didn't have all the right ingredients.

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Esme said...

I have a pretty good recipe for black bean brownies sweetened only with agave.