Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Shower!

Who knew that baby showers are not a normal part of the culture in France? Not us. My friend Jenise threw one for our mutual french friend and it was wonderful. All the french ladies there (plus one husband and a number of kids who showed up!) were surprised that Americans had these, but thought it was a fun idea. Thanks for a fun afternoon Jenise:)!. My favorite part though, apart from the great food and fun fellowship (and lots of french conversation practice) was holding the baby girl ( cute!) for a LONG TIME. I love newborn babies and she was so sweet. I am lucky I don't have babies as content and "sage" as they say here because I would totally have been Mrs. Duggar #2 with 20 babies. But alas, mine cry constantly and seem to sleep badly and whine all the time until they are 4 so that takes care of that problem I guess;).

The lovely mommy (her first girl after 4 boys!) and the gracious hostess:

I'll just have to hold others' babies until I have my own grandbabies I guess...of which there are a crazy lot right now... I think 6 or so of my friends just had babies this last month...crazy times!

Marianna got to go too and be a BIG girl. She did well. I had no idea there would be so many other kids there, so that helped. Yes, I still have the baby. I gave the stink-eye to anyone who tried to come over and take a turn;).

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