Friday, June 7, 2013

More Cake with Claudia (never can get enough)

We had a get-together chez nous with Claudia our french friend and the "missionary to missionaries". She was once in the position we were...knowing no one and not knowing the language so she makes a special effort to reach out. Even before someone knows how to say "how are you?" in french she will try to encourage you and befriend you. She did so with us and many others and is still out-giving us by bringing us cake! We will definitely miss her when we leave.


Adam and Ruth said...

So weird how I found your blog, through a comment you left on the "Keeper of the Home" blog (and I thought, "Hmmm...this woman sounds a lot like me a few years back!") Then clicking on the link I saw a picture of Claudia, who was/is one of my dearest friends from Chambéry...and a party in an apartment that looks much like one we lived in a few years back. :) Fun connection! ~Ruth H.

Adam and Ruth said...

(I tried posting a comment already, but not sure if it worked?) Anyways, randomly found your blog through a comment you left on the "Keeper of the Home" blog, but was delighted to see a photo of Claudia (one of my dearest friends when we lived in Chambéry in 2008) and an apartment that looks very much like the one we lived in then. Fun connection to make online! :) ~Ruth H.

Rachael said...

Hi Ruth! How long ago were you here? I'll tell Claudia hello for you! Our email is if you want to send a message or chat sometime! Our friends just moved out of the other apt, which was probably yours a number of years ago(near the fire station). Talk to you again sometime!