Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Aix le Bains (la plage) and Raclette for dinner

We finally visited the nearby beach again and it was so much fun. What a difference a year makes (I can't emphasize that enough for moms with tiny ones!) in the fact that a year ago we had to constantly watch and make sure louis wasn't eating sand or drowning in an inch of water. Now he romps through the water with his sisters and is much more independent and fun. The only downside to our trip was that the girls and I ended up with little bites ALL OVER that itched like crazy. Almost 4 days to get rid of the fun. But a day in the water, sun and sand with a picnic was worth it. Here are some pics of our day (and yes Daniel and I were there too...just didn't make it into the pics:):
Splashing is just too fun!

Louis liked to throw himself backward in the water...wore poor grandma out
Our three cuties posing on the little ledge in the water...

A little shark coming to bite daddy's ankles
Our meticulous and detail-oriented daughter making a sand castle. 

The two sillies hamming it up together in the water.
My big boy
Beach beauty!
Little mermaid

Always looking for mischief this one...

Our last night together we made the traditional "raclette" for my mom and aunt Cinda.  It was yummy and a fun way to remember our time together:)  Aunt Cinda bought yummy pastries for dessert.
The is already crying here I bet:).  Glad to have good memories but saying goodbye is so hard. 

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