Saturday, August 10, 2013

We're in Senegal!

We made it to Dakar on Wednesday...a dramatic difference one day makes! Wednesday morning we were in France and by the evening we were in Senegal, Africa! Here are a few pictures of our playground on center that is right outside our apartment, and a few pictures of inside our apartment.

The sidewalk outside our apartment and the greenery.  A banana and mango tree too!
Our bedroom is two beds pushed together and mosquito nets!  The first night Rachael woke up with hundreds of bites so Daniel spent some time working on holes in the nets and our net tucking in method.  Last night was much better. 
Louis and Olivia's room.
Bathroom (of course).  We are readjusting to having the toilet and the sink in the same room (in France they were separate rooms!)
Our kitchen...its really big!  We have a lizard that lives here too:).  The stove is gas (you light it) but a good size.  The next picture shows some interesting thing about an African kitchen.
to the left of the sink:  bucket with water and bleach to soak fruits and veggies and kill bad bacteria.  Attached to the sink is the water filter.  Don't drink the tap water! 
Our living room is a good size too, there is a nice bookshelf and a coffee table.  The windows look onto the laundry area and some trees.  Notice the bars on the windows for safety.  The center is pretty safe though...there is a guard at the entrance all the time.  We feel very safe here. 
Voila...the mini tour!

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