Saturday, October 19, 2013

Long overdue

Our internet is ON!!  We are so happy to be connected again.  Thanks all of you for being patient:)  Here are a few catch up pictures and we'll work on taking more soon.

There is a nice "roof" area above our apartment we take the kids to play on almost every day.  
My two hams, doing what they do best...being cheesy.    Behind them you can see an area where the househelp can do hand-washing, but there are big washing machines for everyone to use here and nice clotheslines (no dryers of course).
Some birds enjoying our roof.

A bus shot...not super interesting but I thought I would include it since there are tons of white buses around.  Most recently, due to "Tabaski" you might see several sheep tied to the top of the buses (and yes the are on a highway!!).
My first real African ensemble.  Not exactly what I'd hoped, but its good to wear to church.  Here it is really important to look "dressed up" at church.  Very different from the church we just came from in France where the pastor would often wear jeans to preach in (also a french speaking Baptist church!).  Here I was thinking I could get away with my no fashion sense, casual clothes here.  Nope.  But we're getting used to the changes little by little. 


~Jaime~ said...

You look beautiful!! Praying you all continue to adjust and adapt to life there! ~jaime

~Jaime~ said...

You look beautiful! Continuing to think of your family as you adjust and adapt to life there!