Monday, December 2, 2013

Last half of November 2013

We had not just one but two thanksgiving celebrations this year! We hosted the first, this is the second. No turkeys to be found, but we had mashed potatoes, chickens, corn, rolls, and pies. Our dear friend Cathy even rehydrated some craisins to make cranberry sauce for us! Here is the "adult" table:

And the kids:

Olivia and I in our matching dresses made at a tailor.

We were SO excited to receive our first piece of mail here: thanks Jan and Mike! We are taking turns opening the advent calendar doors each day!
Rachael and the kids making muffins together.  So many big helpers to get the job done!
Works better when you spread the big helpers out throughout the kitchen, I've found:)
Sunset in Dakar. 

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