Monday, September 1, 2014

Back home and starting homeschooling!

We're back from our  cross-country roadtrip! I have more photos etc. than I can reasonably catch up on at the moment since my last post, so I'll start where we're at...back in WA state and homeschooling!

Here is the three "pupils" doing their first "science" experiment. Last week was our first week of K (for Olivia) and 1st (for Marianna). We are doing My Father's world 1st grade, with some K mixed in and a french lesson each day. I have other workbooks that we are doing for a little supplement and just for fun because the kids like workbooks. Louis joins in when he can but he has a "busy box" with puzzles, toys, playdough, books and workbooks for each day of the week.

So far it is working pretty well for all of us. The science experiment above was really fun for the kids...we mixed soil with water in a bottle and let it sit to see the layers form. This kind of thing is a bit of a stretch for me, but the kids loved it so much I think I will too. To get through everything with everyone seems to take no more than 3 hours, but usually closer to 2 1/2.

We are doing phonics, Bible, basic math, handwriting, science and french...I think that is about it  (which is plenty for me/us!)

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