Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Loves me some WA grocery bargains!

Back to posting those shopping trips...I know there are a few of you who enjoy these (morbid curiousity or whatever;).

I went to Albertson's, Walgreens and Target while mom watched the girls at Coffee Cabin. Mom, you rock. I had a GREAT time all by my lonesome.

I spent $45 give or take a dollar and $15 of that was a hair straightener from WAGS. I am determined to not live the rest of my life with really awful looking hair (if I can help it:).

The cool part is that for next week I have $7.50 to spend at Walgreens, $5 for Target, and $5 for Albertson's.

Walgreens: Lots and lots of hair stuff, including 3 John Freida products for $2 after RR. Excited to try these! Plus 4 boxes of medium brown hair color for my mom and I, whole milk, more body wash (2 free!).

Target: Free Razor, several trial sized goodies and 10 SOBEs for $3.

Albies: Lots of yogurt, cheerios, Hamburger Helper, $0.38/lb bananas and market down lean ground turkey.

If you notice the lack of fruits/veggies, well that's because we have a CSA order of veggies coming tomorrow and a ton of fruits and veggies leftover from Jon's rehearsal dinner to use up still.

What did you buy this week?


Auntie Gin said...

Those red grapes left from the dinner you gave us were delicious, we all agreed. I packed some for Andrew and Esme to eat on the "Lady of the Lake" on their boat ride up to Holden on Lake Chelan Tuesday.

Rachael said...

Oh good. We enjoyed them too! The girls would eat a diet of only fruit if I let them sometimes:)