Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend Menu Plan and more shopping... a deal!

$17 approx for all the below...Safeway, QFC and the milk was free at Walgreens with Renu overage.

Here's the deal if you have a QFC nearby and like Grape Nuts: they are on sale for $1 this week and there are coupons printed inside marked packages for $0.75/1! So after buying an inital box with the $1/2 coupon, I got a second box for only $0.25! That's a great deal on Grape Nuts if you ask me:)

Also picked up a whole chicken at $0.79/lb, grapes at $0.99/lb, bananas, green peppers 2/$1, more cocoa pebbles for $0.50/box (dessert!), organic whole wheat pasta for $0.25, cranberry juice coctail for $0.50 each after coupon found in cereal box last year!, 2 lbs cheddar $3.45 after real california dairy coupon and sale, cheeze nips $0.99, spinach $0.99, diced tomatoes $0.89, whole milk $1.99 (Walgreens).

I plan on buying icecream, hot dogs, Sweet Baby Rays, and a couple other very unhealthy things at Albertsons for close to free tomorrow:)

Here's what we are eating this weekend:

Breakfasts: cereal, oatmeal, eggs, milk


Friday: Lentil Veggie Stir fry (the girls ate mac n cheese...not proud of that but oh well....)

Saturday: Taco Mac (going to cook ground beef with some onions, cook up some whole grain pasta and mix all that with pinto beans, salsa, cheese and a little sour cream. Sounds yummy in my head at least! We'll have a large green salad on the side.

Sunday: whole chicken in the crockpot, leftover pasta, asparagus, leftovers for lunch.

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The Keevy Family said...

Great Job!!

I actually went to Safeway to get the cheap Goldfish Crackers but I wasn't able to find the ecoupon on my site for it. Still, at $0.38 after coupon that is pretty good. I stocked up on some snack type foods for our upcoming road trip this week! I saw they had the cheese blocks for $3.99 and I got two of them since I missed Fred Meyer's sale last week. Where did you get your cheese coupon?

If you haven't been to Albertsons yet, make sure you check the mayo that is on sale for $1.99. At my store there were coupons attached to the product for $1.00/1 making them free with a double coupon. I walked by a lady that had one in her cart with the coupon attached and I think my heart skipped a beat I was so happy! :) I HATE buying mayo for over $3 retail. I got two for free today! Anyway, sorry about the rant. :)