Friday, July 30, 2010

A few pictures and why I can barely type this:)

Here are a few pictures of one of the many lake parties we attended while visiting our home church in the Puget Sound at the parsonage.

Both our girls love the water!

For the past month I've been eating high protein, low sugar and walking fairly consistently. Frustrated with a lack of progress (a little, but not much for the amount of work I thought!) I shared my concern with Daniel. He encouraged me to start adding more cardio workouts.

Initially I resisted because in the past my schedule has prevented a consistent time for working out w/o kiddos. Right now though we have a very flexible work schedule which is nice. So...I finally gave in and started back up with running for 30 minutes a day and this morning both Daniel and I did the P90X that I borrowed from my brother. Intense! I am starting to see results again and hopeful that I will be healthier and finally lose the last of the baby weight! That is also why blogging isn't happening quite as much...something always has to go when I add something! But I will work on getting the many pictures on my camera here soon:)

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