Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weekly Shopping and Grocery outlet bargains

Get ready...this is a two-week shopping trip binge (to last until we go camping then go home in two weeks!) Do not try this at home...I went to pretty much every store in the area these past two days! Seriously. Thankfully, one trip was in walking distance. The other stores were broken up into two trips and both made a "loop" so I didn't use extra gas to go to more than one store. Target is the store furthest to us and I've been meaning to go there for cheap LUVs diapers, Nexcare band-aids, and free Chrystal light, so we hit all the other stores on the way. With two toddlers. Fun, yeah? But really it wasn't bad. The two year old didn't have accidents and I kept them from killing eachother in the little car cart. That's all I can ask for:)

Fred Meyer: under $9, the reciept is hiding right now...

Turkey Bacon $1.39 after coupon, whole milk $1.25 1/2 gal., nectarines $0.88/lb, organic whole wheat bread $1.29, whole wheat tortillas $1.25 after peelie coupon, hot dog and hamb buns $0.50 each, one onion ($.43 yikes!).

Target, $4.69 (used $5 gift card from last trip)

Luvs for $4.99, Whole wheat pasta for $0.50/box, free Pure Fitness Chrystal Light, $0.47 Nexcare bandages, and $0.97 for baby wash (I forgot to pack some!).

QFC, Walgreens, Rite Aid
QFC: Corn, bananas, 5 pack Kraft Mac N chees and Capri Sun $5.02
Rite Aid: M n M's $0.09 for 2 (bought 14 total...not pictured is a huge box of LUVs that will be $6 after all coupons and rebates! I decided the cloth diapers are not coming on our week long camping trip!!;)
Walgreens: Green tea drink $0.99 after RR and FREE Reynolds foil after coupon:)

Grocery Outlet: $8.60

Great deals to mention: Light Ocean Spray fruit and veggie juice for $0.99, 1 lb brown rice for $0.69 (never seen that price before!), and not pictured, J Crew city capris for $8! There were a ton of these, lots of different sizes...all for $8! Not sure why Grocery Outlet has J Crew, but it was a great find for me!;) Also picked up lentils, beans, split peas, bouillon and some canned veggies. Hopefully these will be the base for a few high fiber, high protein meatless meals that are also very cheap in the next few weeks!

Also spend $1.76 on 2 bananas, wishbone dressing and 2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauces at Safeway.

Totals (including LUVS huge box not pictured but not including JCrew pants about $48 which isn't bad for two weeks. I'll be adding some milk, a little produce and possible some chicken to those totals at some point next week.

What did you buy this week?

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