Monday, August 30, 2010

Blessings and the crazy week

We had a crazy week. I don't even know where to begin really, but this weekend involved a trip to the ER to get M's lips stiched up (4 stiches to be exact!) and a lot of praying as the car we borrowed broke down 20 minutes from home. Olivia must be teething because she cried intermittently all night long (and didn't stop all day today). We also hosted a class in our apartment that was packed out with 20 or so students...sitting room only (well not even that really!) That was just the get the rest in another post!

But here is the blessing part...the Lord sent someone to help us in the parking lot where the car died and we got it running again! Then today some new friends from our ICC class brought us dinner and help us stamp and stuff our newsletter envelopes! It was an amazing blessing at the perfect time. Thank you Lord!


Jaime said...

Oh no!!! Is M okay?! Praying you have a better week!!

Rachael said...

She is doing remarkably well for the circumstances! Her stiches are healing well and she barely talks about the experience (and is already monkeying around again:) Thanks for asking Jaime! Hope your trip home went well!