Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life in our winter wonderland & our schedule

It is SO beautiful here right now! The snow and the mountains are gorgeous. The only downside is living outside of "big" town so its tricky to go anywhere safely in our car and it is too cold for the girls to play outside.

So...we have been getting creative with time inside and trying to stick to a schedule.

Here is one of the few times we braved outside:

And the beautiful view outside the house: (and the cute girl).

Some creative play inside, lots of sister activities:

Here's our morning schedule:
6:30am girls can get out of bed (they usually wake up MUCH earlier though!)
dressed, potty (M), eat breakfast, have family devotional time. We are memorizing Psalm 1 and 139 as a family and reading a small portion of O.T. each morning. Daniel has recently started teaching us the Westminster Catchism(sp) too.
7:30breakfast done and get Liv dressed
7:30-8:15am play in room together (the girls) while I start dinner prep and clean kitchen
8:15-9:00am "quiet time". They color, play puzzles, supposedly quietly:) and sometimes watch a short video
9:00 snack time! favorite time of the day:) and some pictures of the typical snack tray (fruit, veggie sticks, cheese, crackers or quick bread), sometimes nuts

9:30-10:45: outside play or in the garage or take a walk. I still haven't figured this one out for sub-zero temps yet. Sometimes we go to the library here or take a short walk
10:45: mommy prep lunch while girls watch a video or play
11:15 lunch
noon, finish cleaning up lunch and play for a while before heading to naptime! The rest of the day is unscheduled except for dinner which is between 5:00 and 5:30 almost every night and bedtime is 8:15pm.

I'd love to hear what other families do for schedules, I love and need ideas!


D said...

Ha, schedule? What's that? Every time I try to plan anything, Isaac completely changes his "norm" to mess me up! My schedule is called "flexible!"

By the way, you might like to try the SDA's Journey to Bethlehem this weekend- we're gonna try to go Saturday night. It looks great! :-)

Jamie White said...

Good job with the schedule! And finding creative indoor activities will help you here in France next year! We are trying to find lots of indoor activities as well :).