Monday, June 27, 2011

1st anniversary & my big helper

Uncle Jon and Auntie Cole celebrated their 1st anniversary this month. They shared a bite of their wedding anniversary cake with my big girl.

She is such a big helper with Louis. Sometimes a little too much (we found she'd picked him up yesterday when he was crying!), but mostly its a great help to us. Can you see the family resemblance;)? These two must've gotten a lot of the same genes!

Here is the big helper holding Louis after the picking him up incident (daddy explained that he would let her hold him almost anytime, but needed to ask first:) Notice Louis' pacifier? He's the first baby we've used one with successfully and it can be really helpful:) He usually only will take it when he is going down for a nap but here mommy was finishing up some last minute food prep for our big party and needed 5 more minutes until I fed him:)
Louis turns 2 months on Friday! He'll go in to his 2 month checkup on Tuesday of next week. I am pretty sure he's getting close to 12 lbs now (he's in 3-6 month clothes!) and is probably still in the top of the charts for length. We'll be checking out his feet...they've been really turned in since birth and the Dr.'s can decide whether it is from his position in the uterus or it is something we need to look into physical therapy for. I am hoping for the former of course!

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