Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family News in June

The girls in their swimsuit "tutus" in their homemade tent:):

~Daniel is sick with some sort of whole body yuckiness and a super swollen throat (as in he can't get much of anything down since it hurts so bad)
~Louis slept 7 hours in a row twice this week!!
~dad and Daniel made good progress on the playhouse/shed
~Liv decided to potty train herself this week and has been making it to the potty to pee 90% of the time on her own for pee-pee (the other has a much lower success rate;)
~Weight Watchers and exercise are both going well, I've found a number of recipes that make me feel like I am getting a treat but are low points (like a chocolate banana frosty!)
~Our local farmer's market opened and I got two huge cabbages, chard and beautiful broccoli for this week. Martin's Market score: 10lbs of marked-down bananas (great since we eat at least 5 a day around here!) I did most of our other shopping @ Costco...sweet potatoes, potatoes, organic carrots, bananas, coffee

Here's a picture of our new suburban in case anyone was wondering what we got instead of our trusty Honda:

That's about it! (PS, that's really our suburban, my dad just took a really nice picture of it at Icicle)

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