Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Menu Plan July 26th, 2011

Breakfasts: cold cereal, oatmeal, toast, eggs, fruit (egg sandwich for me...whole wheat slice of bread with two "fried" eggs or scrambled eggs with veggies and a little meat.

Lunch/snacks: leftovers, hot dogs, pasta, soup, salad (for me), green smoothies


Monday: Had Greek Chicken Penne

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza (mom's request) and raw veggies

Wednesday: Fried Rice

Thursday: Thai noodles (with chicken)

Friday: Roast? carrots, potatoes

Saturday: Grilled Chicken and teriyaki rice

Sunday: Clean out the fridge or out to eat

What's on your menu this week (and any low points ideas are always welcome!)

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