Thursday, September 1, 2011

Louis is 4 months!

Our sweet baby boy is 4 months old today! He still has his mohawk, and is as handsome and sweet as ever. He is NOT sleeping well, but we are surviving. He slept well for one whole month of his life (before we moved) so I am hopeful that someday he will again soon:). He smiles easily and talks and laughs sometimes.

Our strong boy is rolling over both ways now...won't be long until he rolls or crawls after his sisters!We found out that he does not have club foot as we suspected, but rather a "packaging problem" or metatarsus adductus (sp?) which should not cause many problems as he begins walking/running but may cause a bit of a pigeon toe when his shoes are off. No surgery...yay! What else...he was 13lbs, 10oz. at his dr. apt. this week. We love our boy...and the sisters do too!

He loves to play with his feet now as you can probably tell. Isn't he handsome?

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