Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Pizza

We "made" pizza last week using a pizza crust mix (usually make homemade but didn't have yeast yet) and I had the last minute idea to let the girls make their own on some thin bread rounds. They loved it and wanted to eat them before they were cooked. I should have too because they didn't like them nearly as much after they were cooked! I think the deli thins got sort of soggy with all the sauce. But it was still a fun time:)

Livvie was having fun even though she looks like she's in pain or something in this picture. What a ham.

In other news we had some Chinese dignitaries visit JAARS today. We were told not to address them individually if we ran into them on campus, which I thought was a little odd. So..I come out after sending Marianna out with Louis (in his stroller) to wait on the porch. Marianna is chatting away with one of the dignitaries while he takes hundreds of pictures of the two kids! Ha! Apparently they are our neighbors while here at JAARS. A little tough to not "address individually" if they are taking pictures of your kids and giving them copious amounts of candy! Too funny. So I tried to visit with him a little through limited English. Made me wish I could go back again someday! In other other news, we are going to schedule our appointment with the visa consulate tonight (for mid October)! Exciting! In other other other news (I think I am tired because this is getting out of hand:) Louis thinks he should be crawling NOW. He started getting up on his knees today and sometimes on his toes. He even made a few attempts to move forward with one knee. A little early for crawling, much? Mama isn't ready for this one to be mobile!

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