Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pushing Louis in the stroller

Marianna loves to help, and pushing Louis in the stroller is one way she helps a lot. This is our apartment in the background.

Olivia is just getting to be big/strong enough to push louis sometimes. Notice her cutie piggies.

Here we are going on a bear hunt. And Daniel is being feisty so yes I am sticking my tongue out at him. He definitely deserved it. And yes, I have my white trash mocha in hand...every good bear hunt is made better with one. Especially white trashy if you drink it out of an old peanut butter jar:)

In other family news, Olivia has "hand, foot and mouth disease". Really not as bad as it sounds, but I learned that when your child has lots of cold sores in their mouth and refuses to eat for several meals in a row, there might be more than stubbornness there. Oops.

We also had a dinner guest here tonight who spent 3 months in Cameroon earlier this year. It was cool to throw hundreds of questions his way..he was excited to share too, so it was good all around. Saw lots of pictures of the city we'll be living in and the people who are there. Fun!


Yaya said...

Thanks for sharing. Nice to know some things don't change.... you guys are AWESOME! And your kiddos, SOOOO CUUUUTTTTTEEEEE!! <3

Jamie White said...

Your kiddos are growing so fast! Love all the updates!