Sunday, August 19, 2012

Menu Plan

Baby it's HOT outside! In France air conditioning is not the norm. Going to a doctor's office for example, is not a guarantee of air conditioning. Actually more likely you won't find it there or much of any place else except huge supermarkets or the movie theatre. So we sweat and sweat. I dripped my way through church today(with Liv, who is a fellow heavy sweat-er). But it isn't that bad unless you have to be out in it for long periods under the direct sun or at night. Nights are hardest because it really hasn't been cooling down and the windows are open (so it is noisy!) so I usually can't fall asleep until close to midnight. 6am comes too early these days!

Anyway, because of this I'll be using my crockpot as much as possible. I was still doing soups at least once a week from our GAPS, but Daniel's patience (and pretty much everyone's) patience is wearing thin with hot soup in hot weather. So I'll have to try to be a little more creative!

Sunday: Had Quinoa in the crockpot (mexican seasoned) over lettuce with meat and all the taco salad toppings. I've had a hard time getting quinoa buy in previously, but everyone seemed to like it this time!

Monday: Leftover Quinoa made into stuffed red peppers (mixed with ground beef, onions)

Tuesday: Broccoli Cheese Casserole in Crockpot, rice

Wednesday: Baked Beans in the crockpot and....? I really would like to do hotdogs and veggies to be easy but I know they are so not good for you! Any ideas for what to do with baked beans?

Thursday: Shepherd's pie in the crockpot? Or a quiche/breakfast for dinner Friday:

Burgers, fries, raw veggies. Not sure how to do this one w/o the oven!

Saturday: up in the air!

 What's on your it too hot to use the oven where you are?

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