Friday, August 17, 2012

Morning at the beach!

We FINALLY headed to the lake and the beach here today! It was a gorgeous day and it was actually one of the first ever times we actually had a relatively stress free outing with all three kids. It wasn't relaxing you might imagine three little kids and lots of water wouldn't be. But there were no tantrums and very little whining the whole trip, just a bit on the way home when everyone was totally exhausted. Louis actually passed out in his stroller which I haven't seen him do in months and months. The water is really shallow for quite a ways so the girls didn't have to have someone within inches so that was nice. Louis is still at the kamakazee age and will run head first and end up under the water super quick. He loves water and is fearless. But we just took turns with him or the girls and it was great. Packed a picnic of leftover quiche, veggies and fruit from Daniel's bday and everything went smoothly as one could hope with three littles. We are so glad we finally did it!
They also had a crazy playground thing there and Marianna climbed to the top...she's such a brave monkey! Daniel said he was even a little nervous at the top...not her!
Rachael and the kids...soaking up the rays and the almost warm water.
Sandcastles (the girls and Daniel built....Louis tore down. Mutual existence.
Don't mind Louis' pink little swimmer pants...gotta do whatcha gotta do...and sometimes older sister hand-me-downs work!
All in all it was an awesome day...oh and we were there early so we even got in free! Cheap fun to boot (it normally wouldve' been 8 Euros or so to get us all in). Hopefully we'll be able to go once more before summer is over!

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