Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yassa Poulet & Mangos

This post is mostly about my adventure making "yassa poulet" with some Senegalese ladies who work at SIL as part of our orientation. But...I have two cute mango eaters who made it into the post too:)

Here is Zita, working on cooking the chicken

All the goodies for the sauce...onions, limes, carrots, vinegar, mustard, oil, pepper..etc.
Zita showed us how to grind the garlic, pepper, etc. this way.
I got to help chop dozens of onions...the main ingredient besides rice and chicken.
Chopping, chopping, chopping, and SWEATING.
Cordilia and Cathy helped out lots of opinions in Wolof and trying to teach us some Wolof too.
Cordelia changed into her pretty dress and helped finish up the sauce with us and quizzed us in Wolof.
Posing by the finished product...SO GOOD!! (with some other friends from SIL too.)

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Laura said...

Yum Mangos! Everyone looks great. We pray for you often and miss you lots.