Monday, September 9, 2013

1 month in Senegal!

Here is a peek into our last week of our first month in Dakar. This month has flown by. Our last week was the hardest... the first time we were just having a really hard string of days dealing with the frustrations/inconveniences of life here. But we have been encouraged in many ways since then and are still very thankful and content to be here. We are excited to see what God has in store for us in the future.

Our kids received a kitchen to "borrow" indefinitely from a friend who is heading to boarding school.  They are lovin' it!  
Marianna showing Louis and Liv her sweet playground at her school. 
Louis is getting SO big...he was swinging here like a big boy.

Marianna looking lovely on the spinning toy.
Olivia couldn't be shown up by her little here she is swinging too.
That night we had dinner with this great family at their house.  They will be leaving soon to head back home and we are praying about taking over their apartment (and buying their stuff) next summer.  Their is another family who are doing the same and we are considering their apt. as well.  Praying for wisdom!
All in all we had a good week.  We are learning over and over again that being flexible is absolutely essential here...plans are made to be tossed aside and plan B is the new plan A.  Examples:  torrential rain made getting Marianna to school impossible...just getting out off our road would have meant getting totally soaked.  Another night the weather struck again and a storm with lots of thunder, lightening and downpours made taking our orientation babysitters our for dinner impossible.  The other family and ours made a quick plan change (even ordering in was not possible due to the bad roads) and pooled our resources to make pizzas, salad, and chocolate filled crepes.  Completed our night of fun with a cartoon:).  Lots of other adventures like dead and living animals in my kitchen each morning make life hard to plan for...but never boring:). 

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