Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Convenience food lifesavers

Sometimes my bulging pantry makes me feel silly. Especially some of the boxed meals we have that we rarely eat. I like to cook, so working Macaroni Grill (and other such similar) meals into our weekly menu is often more of a burden than a help to my creative efforts. The problem is, every month or so the coupons and the sales align so that we get those type of products for pennies on the dollar.

Enter snowstorm of which my town is not prepared for. Several meals that were to be had at parties etc. are no longer happening. Convenience foods to the rescue! On a night when we fully expected to have pizza at a bowling party, a quick and reasonably tasty pre-packaged meal saved us from despondency;).

So even though I don't love eating convenience/pre-packaged meals, for those unexpected nights when cooking from scratch sounds like a very unwelcome idea, or when something happens where fast food sounds more appealing than normal-quick boxed dinners (.... helper for example) can be a lifesaver.

The picture above shows a recent shopping trip that contains lots of convenience items that we don't eat on a daily basis, but will use in cases like the above!

Bonus tip: What to do with lots and lots of cereal (that cost less than $0.20/box:)? Not only does my daughter eat a ton of cereal, but I've gradually found recipe after recipe online and at allrecipes for making snack mixes, treats, even muffins using various cereals.

For more kitchen tips, visit Tammy (who is a now a fellow Washingtonion!).

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George Erdosh said...

It's a great idea to stock up the pantry, emergency can happen any time and I do that routinely. In fact, in my latest book (Nov/08) I devoted an entire chapter on what to store for a cook how wants to feed the family well and with good nutrition. Check it out:

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