Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doula #1 and the moby wrap

I am determined to use and master the moby wrap! I just have to make the time to learn. Here is a pic of M, O and I with the doula that attended the first 24 hours of our labor. She was full of great ideas for healthful living before and after giving birth and gave us delicious organic greens, banana muffins made with whole grains (all other than wheat) and organic strawberries. I love learning about natural living! Someday I hope to incorporate more of that into my family's life.

Is it just the way we are standing or am I a giant in this picture!? :)


Jason & Tami said...

I love natural living! We try to eat as organic and un-processed as possible. Also, you totally look like a giant in that pic! Is the doula on the short side? It may be camera angle, too, but you look much taller than her!

Glad to hear things are going well!

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Congrats on the new baby girl! So glad everything is well. I love the moby wrap. I sat and learned how to use it one afternoon. It gets easier. Wath the videos online for sure though. I've taught a few girls how to use it. Its so wonderful, especially for traveling.

Lydia said...

I think it's the camera angle - the toddler looks big too.

I just stumbled across your blog and had to comment on the Moby wrap. I love mine - for the first three months I didn't leave the house without putting it on first, and at home I could tell a huge difference in how well I kept up with housework on the days I wore him vs. the days the wrap was in the wash.

My little one is almost 24 pounds now, and I wear him on my back, using a back wrap cross carry with rucksack straps (I found directions at youtube). That one was harder to learn, so I didn't really work on it until he was too big to wear on the front and still be able to reach the dishes or laundry, but once I mastered putting him on my back without help it didn't take too long to get good at the back wrap.