Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding routine among the chaos...

The two girls and I are about to move again (in with my parents until the end of July) but things are feeling more settled down finally. Daniel and friends are making good progress on the house renovation-some of the drywall has gone in, the bathroom is getting close to being functional (we hope) and Daniel will be living there when the girls and I move to my parents.

Our "Little Bit" as I've nicked named baby O, is doing well. She was weighed today and was 10lbs 1 oz (2 1/2 weeks old). She is eating and sleeping well-no not through the night but I don't expect that yet. I am just hoping for a good 4 hours in a row one of these nights:)

My mother in law was here for a week (we miss you gramie Karen!), which helped a bunch with healing. My fears for the midwife were unfounded-she said I am healing well but gave me some ideas and a prescription for my "issues". I am still trying to take it easy. Since baby girl was so big and they had to use a vaccuum to get her out in the end, I am pretty sore. So exercise has to wait, but I am up taking care of the basics again. I am going to make these Pigs in a Blanket (homemade blanket) for dinner and laundry and dishes are getting done. Other than that I am nursing, changing lots of diapers and trying to be consistent with a give big sis lots of attention. Overall I am having fun getting to know my new little one and learning to be a mom of 2!


Fulton Quads said...

WOW having a baby during a remodel. YIKES! You are my hero! I must say that once we had ours on a routine things got SO much better! Before you know it that little one of yours will allot you the time to get some rest! Good luck parenting two! I have found that even numbers are WAY easier than odd! (=
Love, Cathy & her quads

Gabrielle Krake said...

I'm quite sure that sainthood comes from activities like the ones you have described. :)