Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Chicken Pox, P90X and Super Doubles

Pictures of my sweet babies reading together, one of which is covered in red bumps these days.

My lack of blogging has lots of excuses and here are the top three:

1) My 14 month old has chicken pox.

2) Daniel is a mean mean boy and is still making me get up at 5am to workout to P90X with him every morning (okay I skipped the streching video yesterday..but that's it)

3) Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. I went for the first time yesterday. Had to...we rented a car for the express purpose of taking Liv to get diagnosed (with the pox) and there was a Harris Teeter nearby! Check out my deals below:)

Total about $10...notice the yummy turkey bacon and huge pack of chicken, chocolate, 2 packs of John Morrel lunch meat, seventh generation dish soap...good deals!

Other than that, we are alternating going to ICC classes (daniel's day to go is today) while the other stays with kiddo. And we're reading through Genesis as a family. That's all I got for now:)


D said...

Bummer! If you were still living nearby we'd have a chicken pox party! Ah well, I'll try to catch the next round...

Hugs Miss Rachael- I hope you are doing well!

Rachael said...

We just missed it! If that trip to McDonalds was just a week or so later we would have been in business!

Thanks D:)