Friday, September 24, 2010

Loves me some grocery bargains (but blowing that budget!)

I knew this was not going to be a good week for the ole food budget. My all-day sickness has required a sort of creative cooking that I haven't done much before. I cannot cook the same thing for dinner twice or it makes me feel sick. And I have to prepare 99% of the dinner meal before 8 or 9am because that is when I don't feel nauseous (so I guess I have the opposite of morning sickness??). Does this mean I have a boy this time...or TWINS?!?!? Anybody? ;)

Anyway. I went to Fred Meyer and Rite Aid. Its too tiring to go to more stores like I used to so I bought everyone I needed in one stop at Freddies and picked up some clearance food and FREE diapers at Rite Aid.

Total for Fred Meyer: $69. A little more explanation...we are now feeding 2 more adults and they are more ummm...specific on what foods they'll eat than we are so it costs more. Dunkin donuts decaf for example. This trip also picked up some "once in awhile" items like molasses, butttermilk powder, whole wheat flour and spices along with good coffee which was $30 of the total alone. Some good deals: 1 lb organic spinach for $2.50, cage free eggs for $1.50 ea, Campbell's select harvest soup for $0.25/each after coupon, $0.50 barilla pasta and $0.99 Quaker Oatmeal Square cereal which is now our new family favorite:)

Rite Aid: (my new favorite drug store!): not sure of total because I used Up rewards for most of it from last week's Johnson and Johnson deal.
Found all sorts of clearance food, including albacore tun (worked out to be 4 cans for under $1.00!), Starbucks coffee for $2.47 each (and each one has a coupon for a free tall coffee at Starbucks on it!), oats for $0.50 (clearance and Quaker), granola bars for a few cents after clearance, coupon and up reward, and better than free Peppermint celestial tea after up reward and clearance prices! It would have been even better had I printed the coupon available (not sure where now).

Huggies: 3 free (actually a money maker) after coupons, up rewards, rebate.

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The Keevy Family said...

Glad you got the free diapers, yay! And you did really well with all the other purchases. Sometimes you've just got to blow the budget...especially when you are pregnant! Sounds like you are doing great--adjusting your schedule as you need to.