Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cooped up but still having fun

The girls playing with their video machine (thanks CeeCee!!!) hand-me-down in the parents' walk-in closet.

Liv playing with the same video machine, but chilling out on the top stairs that goes down to grandpa's man-cave.

I cannot resist the cutenest of those cheeks! By the way, the girls' leggings are from Wal-mart...Christmas clearance for $1! They aren't "Christmasy" either.

M and her huge puzzle from the grandparents (so fun!)

These cold winter days cooped up inside test my mothering creativity to the max. And my organizational skilz(of which I am working very hard on developing!) are getting a workout. But here are some fun things the girls have been doing, especially over winter break when the grandparents have been vacationing too (or as in this week, which finds my mom home from work with a bad cold).

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