Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some shopping before my camera busted.

My camera is probably done for this time. The battery holder was loose before, but now it doesn't register that batteries are in there at matter how much you mess with it. Bummmer! So...a few pictures of this past week's shopping before my camera bit the big one.

Walgreens: $3.76 (guess on the cents here) used $1.50 RR and got $10 back! Used free Breathe Right Coupon from last WAGS visit, bought baby forks and spoons on clearance $1.09 and snickers (last minute as filler to use RR) $0.69. More Maalox for the raging heartburn within me:)

Fred Meyer: $13 (approx) after $3 catalina from coffee mate. Cheap Broccoli, eggs, butter and $0.75 Ronzoni Smart Taste, which I primarily bought for the $1 of Classico peelie attached! (those make for $0.69 Classico at Safeway this weekend!)

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