Thursday, December 29, 2011

Menu Plan

Been awhile since I made a menu plan! I've really struggled to figure out the best way to eat/shop/budget since here (in France). I've actually been menu-planning still for the most part, but haven't been posting it here. To make it even more complicated I am going grain/sugar free until the end of January (then to re-evaluate at that point). This is the first time I've significantly changed my diet that hasn't been for weight loss or pregnancy related. I've been struggling with a number of health issues that may or may not be related and thus far medical tests have been really really expensive and have yielded absolutely no answers. I am thinking it is related to my thyroid and/or something to do with adrenal fatigue. and have been reading some about how diet and lifestyle can really affect those.

So...I decided it really couldn't hurt (and really don't know what else to try at this point!) to try some drastic dietary changes.
Today is my second day of no caffeine, no sugar, and no grains. Yesterday I had MAJOR caffeine withdrawal headaches, but today has been much better. I need to work on some good breakfast options because although I love eggs...I like some variety too. Yesterday was also great timing in that our "family" Christmas present arrived: a brand new crockpot (from This will make things a lot easier when I start school (and yes, we decided finally that I would start in January rather than Daniel). So I have some delicious lentil soup in the crockpot right now!

Here is our menu plan, or at least what I have so far:

Thursday (tonight): Lentil ham soup (crockpot):

Friday: Cheeseburgers and Fries, cooked carrots (I'll just skip the buns)
Saturday: Ratatouille
Sunday: Stuffed Peppers in the crockpot (stuffed with onions, ground meat, tomatoes and topped with cheese

What's on your menu this week? Any good grain free recipes for me to try (especially breakfasts or snacks...I'm hungry!;)


Esme said...

Are you going completely grain free or just wheat and gluten free?

Rachael said...

That IS a good question. I think totally grain free is what is supposed to be helpful(and what I've been doing the past couple days). I am wondering if that is right?

Glory said...

The lady who did crockpot365 cooked gluten free.