Thursday, December 22, 2011

More snow!

We enjoyed the snow while it lasted. I would have loved to take the girls out more, but I've found that the 30 minutes it sometimes takes to get everyone out the door is NOT worth the 15 minutes it takes for one of the three to get too cold, fall in the mud or have to go potty and then we are all back inside! So...we spent more time watching the snow from the inside than actually out in it.

We've been here over a month now (in France) and are learning a lot about life and language. We've had a lot of "firsts" (many embarrassing ones!). Today I rode our shared bike to pick up a few things from the store. Now I appreciate the convenience of having had a car all those years for quick trips! I am sure in a year I will be thinking back to our time here about the convenience of having a store like the one I went to to go to and how convenient that was! It is all perspective, that's for sure. I am learning to be more creative in certain things, especially when I can't make it to the store (or it is overwhelming to try to find what I need/want:). Today it sparked a little creativity in me (which is unusual...I am SO not creative). The results were homemade crayon wedges make from old crayons melted together and little make-up kits for the girls (with q-tips, make-up wipes, chapstick and nail files, all things I had extras of here already). Fun little stocking stuffers and all free! Looking forward to the girls opening their stockings in just a couple I know that it really is fun to be the one watching present opening and not just a kid getting everything!;)

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